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The Yazoo City Witch Project

Yazoo City, Mississippi is often called “the gateway to the Delta” – serving as the transition from the state’s eastern bluffs to the mighty Mississippi River to the west. But it is Yazoo City’s terrifying past, made famous by writer Willie Morris, that brings SouthernWayTV.com to the town. According to local legend, a witch wrought the ultimate revenge on the city when, in May 1904, she escaped from her chained tomb and conjured a powerful firestorm that burned most of the community to the ground.

Join SouthernWayTV’s Darrell Lee as he tries to find the abandoned tomb of the Yazoo City Witch in an attempt to find out if the legend is real. What Darrell discovers in the Glenwood Cemetery at night just might shock (and scare) you…

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The (Accidental) Nuclear Attack on South Carolina

The serene Southern community of Florence, South Carolina is like most others – tree-lined streets that hang over a historic downtown. Yet, Florence is note-worthy for another reason. This tranquil city about 80 miles east of Columbia is the only place on American soil that has suffered from the dropping of a nuclear bomb.

In this episode, The SouthernWay’s Darrell Lee travels to Florence to find the crater left behind by this nuclear accident. It takes a little detective work, but Darrell finally finds the bomb site deep in the middle of the woods near Florence.

As always, this episode features music created by Darrell Lee that is available for purchase via digital download.

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Etowah Indian Mounds

An online episode from SouthernWayTV.com featuring the historic Etowah Indian Mounds near Cartersville, GA. The mounds are a fascinating site that offers a unique glimpse into the State of Georgia’s past.

You can also learn more about the mound-builders of Etowah by clicking here.

As always, this episode features music created by Darrell Lee that is available for purchase via digital download.

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