Chattanooga Gigabit


Look out Silicon Valley – your grip on the title of technology innovation may be slipping a little. While other communities have been vying for the possibility of being wired by Google, city leaders in Chattanooga, Tennessee have quietly deployed one of the fastest networks available not only in the United States, but around the world. The city that may best be known for a certain famous locomotive is now home to an emerging industry that is leveraging ultra fast Internet speeds to create the next big technology revolution.

In this episode of The Southern Way, Mike Mitchell talks to the people behind Chattanooga’s transformation into the next hot bed of technology innovation. The city is currently recruiting the next generation of technology¬†entrepreneurs to come and play on the nation’s fastest Internet connection. What will they create? At this point, no one knows, but the effort brings the city of Chattanooga full circle from its historical roots as a town fueled by commerce brought first by the mighty Tennessee River, and then trains, to a leading position in the global economy enabled by Internet connection speeds found in very few cities around the globe.

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