Natural Unnatural Virginia

There are, of course, many “roadside attractions” that dot the landscape of our nation. We would argue, however, that there is a 5-mile stretch of Highway 11 in the Commonwealth of Virginia that sports more of them than anywhere else in the country. In this episode, we explore two of the many sites along Highway 11 that await visitors who find themselves in this part of the Shenandoah Valley. Our favorite thing about this 5-mile stretch of highway is that it features sites that are on opposite extremes – the sublime and the ridiculous.

On one extreme, one can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Virginia’s Natural Bridge. As our episode details, the Natural Bridge has inspired at least two American presidents, as well as author Herman Melville, who used this natural wonder as a mechanism to describe his infamous whale, Moby Dick.

In contrast, Highway 11 also features the delightful Foamhenge, a detailed replica of the original Stonehenge made entirely out of Styrofoam. Trust us, you have to watch this episode to see just how detailed this replica is.

As always, this episode features music created by Darrell Lee that is available for purchase via digital download.

Visited any of the odd attractions along Highway 11 in Virginia (or anywhere else in the South, for that matter)? Leave us a comment and tell us about it…